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My Ladies. My Tribe.

The ASP Mommy.

This mommy is warm, fun-loving,
and wants to form a connection with me
as her photographer.


She appreciates the blessing of motherhood and embraces each joyful milestone
with her growing family.

She trusts me as the artist behind the lens

to document her family in a natural, beautiful way.

She sees the beauty in timeless over trendy images. She values my work and fills the

walls in her home with cherished moments captured during our time together.



Ever since I can remember, curiosity and a flare for creativity has gotten the best of me (and sometimes got me into trouble!). A gadget girl from the start, I am {...} by how things work.

For example, when I was merely 3-years old, my parents found me in my bedroom where I had taken apart piece-by-piece my 6 foot bedroom lamp. I had it laid out on the floor as in an instruction manual and would put it back together again.

Oh, and that one time in middle school when I tried to make my bicycle fly by duct taping a board to my handlebars and stapling flattened cereal boxes to it as flaps to try and make it fly...


Since I was a little girl, I've had an entrepreneurial spirit. In elementary school, I organized my own consignment sale in my cul-de-sac selling my ever-growing beanie baby collection, had bake sales, and would go door-to-door detailing cars in the neighborhood. I would even put on magic show productions (complete with an official Playbill) where neighbors would buy a ticket to attend.

I'm a people-pleaser, find joy in serving others, and have a passion for paying attention-to-detail. I just knew I would own a business of my own one day...


Photography has always had a special place in my heart. My parents always had their Nikon film camera or clunky video camera in-hand on family road trips, celebrations, or just because. I learned at a young age the importance of documenting those fleeting moments. Growing up, I would spend hours flipping through our family photo albums or watching our home videos... reminiscing on all of our fun-filled memories.

There is something so very magical about the art of taking a photograph, capturing life, and holding that moment still… forever. I'm fascinated by the power of a photograph, how a simple image can bring you back to that exact moment.

Ever since I was young, I was always the girl with a camera in my hand.
I still have boxes upon boxes of childhood photographs in my attic. It wasn't until my junior year of college that I finally upgraded from my point-and-shoot and bought my very first DSLR camera.


The gift of photography has been so fulfilling for me. In 2013, Allison Shumate Photography officially opened its doors. My passion to serve others in capturing their family's fleeting moments.



This treasured childhood memory will forever bring a smile to my face. This captured example is one of many reasons why I do what I do -- so that your little ones can look back on fun family times together and always remember the fierce love you share.

My fun-loving parents, now celebrating more than 30-years of marriage, inspire me everyday to be a better wife, mother, and friend. I appreciate their love, support, and encouragement more than they will ever know.


Meet Ryan. My hubby, my other half, my best friend. I am lucky to call him mine. Our "meet cute" was when he interviewed me for a sales career after I graduated from VT. Funny story? He didn't hire me.

Instead I accepted a marketing position at his company where we were friendly co-workers for about 1 year before he asked me on a date... 1 year later he proposed, and the rest is history!


Motherhood has brought a whole new meaning to love and a whole new meaning to life. I'm a #BoyMom to my son Michael and Thomas arrives in March! Ryan and I will have our hands full raising two under two (!!)... But we're beyond thrilled!

Follow along with our daily adventures:


I'm always looking for a reason to CELEBRATE! Event planning has always been "my thing". I love a good party theme and getting wrapped up in the details. Let's just say birthdays are a big deal in the Shumate household.

Ryan and I host an annual Jingle Ball in December that is always a blast! I once hosted a Mom Prom where all the ladies dressed up and some even wore corsages!


I've always had a friendly competitive spirit! I have a large collection of fun games that frequently get whipped out when family and friends are over. Catch Phrase is always my go-to but lately my favorite is The Voting Game!


My family has a cottage on the Rappahannock "RIVAH" in the Northern Neck that we’ve named Denton Abbey (my maiden name is Denton). It’s our favorite getaway!

When I’m not shooting, I’m usually here with my toes in the sand, swimming, crabbing, boating, and/or in a rocking chair soaking up this peaceful view. It's a great escape to relax and appreciate the surrounding beauty of nature.

Follow along with our "rivah" adventures:

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