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The Experience

Choose your portrait experience

Document the growing season

your family is in.

Field or garden location.

From the swell of your belly,
to birth, & beyond.

Every milestone captured.

Simple, soft, & serene
natural light in-home studio
for bumps, babies, & boudoir.

The Motherhood Collection Experience...

Motherhood Collection

Motherhood Collection

Peace of mind. Every milestone captured.

As a mother who once struggled with infertility, I truly understand the gravity of the miracles I document season after season. It is an honored privilege that I do not take for granted.

Becoming a mother has been the most pivotal experience and joy of my life… it has tested me both mentally and physically beyond anything else I’ve ever done. It has forever changed my perspective as an artist.


I specialize in the journey of motherhood... From pregnancy to birth, to a wobbly toddler, and beyond! I seek to capture those quiet, authentic, meaningful moments that set your heart on fire... the photographic imagery that creates the most meaningful keepsakes.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such a monumental season in your life! So very happy for your growing family.


As a mommy myself, I went through this exact process that you’re going through right now... finding a photographer to document my motherhood journey. I would love the opportunity to document your beautiful family, your story.

Maternity photos are a way to celebrate the baby you’re about to meet, to celebrate your current partner or family, and to celebrate the strength of your body.

Documenting a life created, a life forever changed.

The latest trend for pregnant and new moms is absolutely stunning! Click below to learn more about Milk Bath Sessions.

Milk Bath Photography-0037.jpg

Fresh 48

Typically held within the first 24-48 hours after your baby’s birth... a Fresh 48 Session is an intimate time for families that want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured.

Having a baby is one of the most pivotal points in your life. Those special moments in the hospital are so very precious – your little one will only be that little those first few days. 

Documenting all the details… siblings meeting for the first time, the tiny hat, the room, hospital blanket, wrinkles, flaky skin, tiny feet & hands, hospital bracelets –
all of it. 

Bauer • Fresh 24-1178.jpg
Bauer • Fresh 24-1278.jpg
Fresh 48

My Newborn Style

Timeless over trendy...

Natural light, neutral tones, warm textures, & simple posing. When less, becomes MORE.


Throughout the session, baby is solely in the parent’s (or sibling’s) arms while in the room(s) with the most available natural (window) light.


I do bring along a newborn posey beanbag and white blankets -- This is primarily done to capture the simple closeup imagery of baby’s little toes, nose, fingers, eyelashes, lips, & more squishy cuteness!

at the client's home

newborn, parents, & siblings

up to a 2-hour session

75+ digital files

online gallery

print release

Smash Cake-0177.jpg

Smash Cake

Celebrate turning ONE!


Capturing images of your baby’s 1st birthday with their very first birthday cake is such a precious memory.  So why not make it fun, messy, and sticky too?

Your baby will have lots of fun with a cake while they study it, touch it, smash it, eat it, and cover themselves in all of that colorful, sticky yumminess!

12-monthsSmash Cake-1191.jpg
Amelia - Smash Cake-0940.jpg
Smash Cake

Milestone Minis

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, to telling your child they are being promoted to a BIG brother or sister, to baby’s birth arrival, all the way up to baby’s 1st birthday celebration... your baby will learn, grow, and change so much!


From learning to sit up on their own, to scooting, crawling, standing, walking, and more!

Milestone Mini sessions are perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveal celebrations, mommy & me, baptisms, 6-month “sitting”, and 12-month Smash Cake milestones!

Behl • Announcement-1521.jpg
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